Thursday, December 16, 2004

APP sues Chinese hotel association for defamation

APP have swung into action against the Zhejiang Province Hotel Industry Association in China that have taken action against APP for their irresponsible and destructive practices. There is a Kyodo News International story online:

Southeast Asian logging giant sues Chinese hotel association

By Ralph Jennings, Kyodo News International, Tokyo
Knight Ridder/Tribune Business News

Dec. 10--BEIJING -- Asia Pulp & Paper Co., a major Southeast Asian logging company, is seeking 2.2 million yuan (about $266,000) in damages from a Chinese hotel association, arguing the association defamed APP by asking its members to quit using the firm's paper products based on reports of harmful forestry practices, the hotel group's legal advisers said Friday.

APP filed the lawsuit against the Zhejiang Province Hotel Industry Association with the Hangzhou Xihu District People's Court on Nov. 30. The company has also demanded a public apology from the association.

This is a classic SLAPP suit -- a Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation.

A US legal website describes the suits this way:

In contrast to most litigation, the SLAPP suit is brought, not to resolve a problem, but to remove a controversy from the political arena-- where the developer may be loosing-- to the judicial arena where the "chill" and expense may enable the developer to seize victory from defeat.