Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Put out fires by stopping conversion on peatlands

August 7, 2006
Put out fires by stopping conversion on peatlands, An Eyes on the Forest Report on Forest Fires
July was the month worst hit by forest and land fires in Indonesia. According to MODIS Web Fire Mapper, 29.4% of the total hotspots in Indonesia in July occurred in Riau Province, with 1,419 hotspots in total. 26% of July fires was found inside APP associated concessions, 17% in APRIL associated concessions,The province was also responsible for causing 36.9% of the total hotspots in Indonesia between 1 January and 31 July 2006. 25 July alone saw the largest number of hotspots per day this year, with 445 hotspots. The haze in Riau has been forcing people to wear masks and turn on their vehicles' lights during the day due to low visibility, even to 50 meters. Several flights were delayed or cancelled. It is reported that the haze reached
Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand. Full report can be found at:
Forest Fire Interactive Map has been uploaded. It can be found at: http://maps.eyesontheforest.or.id/Home/index.html
NGOs' joint statement on forest fires:
"Stop converting peatlands"
Jakarta, Pekanbaru, INDONESIA - Several NGOs are calling on the Government to stop granting concessions for conversion and land clearing on peatlands, citing data that shows the major factor inciting this year's forest fires is forest conversion, mainly on peat soil sites. Monitoring conducted by an NGO coalition in Riau, Eyes on the Forest, during the month of July found that 56% of hotspots detected in Riau Province were located on peatlands. In the same period, nearly 30% of hotspots detected in West Kalimantan were situated on peat soil.
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